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Durian Flavor Biskotso

Looking for a tasty snack that will accompaniment your favorite coffee? Durian Flavor is the answer to your cravings. This is not your ordinary snack because of the unique flavor of Durian fruit. This fruit might be smelly but it tastes like heaven. Don’t you know that this durian is a superfruit? It has iron, vitamin C, and potassium that enhances your muscle strength, skin and even lowers blood pressure. Your merienda will never be the same. Tasty and nutritious snack at the same time.

Now our Biskotso is one of a kind. We partner the king of the fruit with your favorite biskotso. We don’t just make your tummy happy but also your body’s health. This biskotso is perfect for your afternoon snack with your family and friends.

A big mistake is expecting durian to be like other fruits. In the West, Europe, our fruits are slightly acidic juicy, and sweet in an on-dimensional, sucrose way. Durian is not. A bite of durian is a creamy explosion of incongruent flavors that lights up taste receptors all over the tongue.

No food in the Western palate really compares well to durian. None. Zilch. Cheese comes close – sometimes. Butterscotch pudding – occasionally.

This Durian Biskotso is the perfect snack for your kids.



Durian Flavor is made with real durian fruit that’s caramelized with sugar and butter then coated to bread. It’s slowly baked to oven until it became toast.




Durian Flavor
Durian Flavor Biskotso
Durian Flavor Biskotso
Durian Flavor Biskotso
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